The pollinators of our earth are in rapid decline and a state of descent—and our humanity is both the cause and the cure. This is not a film to be watched passively, but is a consciousness-shifting interactive event. The narrative structure of the film is prose poetry, (broken into shorts called “Podeos” (poetry videos) that represent the sacred directions of the Shamanic medicine wheel and the 5 elements of Taoism) where stunning abstract visuals capture symbiotic earth, animal, and human healing encounters that are meant to be experienced with live improv art (medicine songs woven into spoken word, contemporary dance, painting, sculpture and live music). The film itself incorporates Solfeggio sound-healing frequencies and morphic-field technologies to alter the human brain wave, reboot the nervous system, and increase emotional intelligence for the sole purpose of creating sensorial attunement to higher notions of social equality and ecology. So rather than using a documentary-style narrative to engage a viewer’s mind, we activate all 5 senses and the entire quantum field to evolve the body, mind, and spirit in ways that help us better relate to one another and to the earth’s tiniest of creatures.

  1. One out of every third bite of food a human consumes is made possible by a devoted tiny pollinator (such as bees, bats, and butterflies).
  2. We are experiencing international colony collapse of our hives, losing 33% of the world’s total bee population every year.
  3. Such devastating losses can easily lead to food shortages, riots, violence, and economic and political collapse of organized systems and civility.

This interactive film event is an act of artivism. We use the medium of film to marry science and the healing arts in order to provide a hands-on experience of “hive-consciousness”—a collective quantum field of unified knowledge that teaches every living mind and body that all species are we not only intertwined, but are inescapably reliant upon one another for our evolutionary survival. This is a social justice movement and an act of “artivism” that will hopefully inspire every participant to be a more informed member of the political electorate, especially on the subjects of human rights, animal rights, and the protection of migratory pollinators, native plants, and open- source politics.

“BEES ARE NOT OPTIONAL” — United States Geological Survey

A harmonious hive is a society with no central authority, but rather choice allocated by equanimity and community. There is a natural and equal division of labor, nectar, health, and wealth. Similar to the trends we are seeing now of citizens around the globe protecting their missions, movements, properties, and freedoms using the block chain (for more than just crypto currency), we are moving into a time where human consciousness can no longer be shackled by tyrannical authority, improper profit chains, nor sleeping notions of accountability and global responsibility. We are all interconnected. And higher truths are beginning to vanquish age-old practices of corruption and imbalanced consumerism. Though they would willingly give up their own lives to protect the hive, bees are so powerfully delicate that even a single ferocious raindrop can assassinate like a smart missile, (let alone the colony collapse being caused by cell towers, pulse bombs, pesticides and neonicotinoids that we, as humans, cast upon their tender terrain). We are running out of time. And to secure our food supply and our pollinators, we must not only protect the hives, we must become the hive–and we must want for this place to outlast us all.

Unpollinated… Here. We. Are. In indecent descent.
Was there ever an honest broker from atop the food chain?
When the next come to decipher our petroglyphs,
will they decide that we simply adored wreckage?…

I have nothing to prove upon this land except that she stay here longer than I.
But to the bumbling, the world is loud with our silences…

— poetry excerpt from Indecent Descent

We vote with our dollar, our absence or our negligence, our misinformation or our awareness, our emotional Intelligence. We are connected to both the congress and the clay; to the land and it’s governing body. Our hands are in both spectrums equally. And since each human body is a mere collection of temporal cells only borrowed—minerals from the land, dust from the stars, salt from the seas, and pollen from the winged—we will someday soon be returned, making us mere tenants and never landlords over the delicacies of this place. So rather than fighting for pride or party lines, personal self image or permanence, pointing fingers or casting blame, why not, in a braver way, effort only for this illustrious land to outlast us all?

Every choice is an opportunity to either desecrate or to demonstrate, to feed or let bleed. We are either a part of the collapse or a part of the evolutionary wave beyond it. And that wave requires demonstration—the social art of putting an actual fist in the air and taking to the streets. And we must not loot nor pollute nor harm nor humiliate others. We needn’t put a fist to flesh in protest nor attack back with dualistic views of right and wrong—but instead we must aspire to organize, in communion and union, on behalf of the smallest and voiceless among us, with all species, races, and nations. We must get our bodies into the streets and multiply in order to unify. We do not succumb to the decline nor render ourselves reactionary. We become primary. We do not get laggardly defeated by the train wreck of it all; We must get informed, get aligned, and get to work.

It is not enough to be just, you have to do justice.

— Senator Al Franken